Doula ~Ancient Greek word meaning “a woman who services”.

Birth Doula

“As a mother, I understand how important it is to be supported throughout pregnancy, childbirth and immediately after birth. I believe it is also important for the partner and/or family of a birthing woman to be supported and assured throughout labour, the delivery and into the postpartum.

As a woman, I am passionate about being that support for other woman and their partners. You will never hear me say “all that matters is a healthy baby” because although this is, of course, what we all want, the journey into motherhood is extremely important and can have a lasting effect on how a woman feels about herself and her baby.

As a doula, I provide unconditional and non-judgemental support and encouragement to both the labouring woman and her partner and/or family throughout labour, delivery and after childbirth. I aim to help women cope during labour with the use of tools such as; massage, pressure points, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, my trusty Rebozo and a TENS machine. Along with support and encouragement, these are just some of the tools that can help a woman manage the challenges of labour and delivery. I also provide information to aid in the decision making-process and can help to demystify many of the processes and procedures offered during childbirth. I work well with midwives, doctors and obstetricians and attend home and hospital births.”

~ Rylie Geant ~


The provision of continuous support during labour by doulas is associated with improved maternal and fetal health along with a variety of other benefits including:

  • Labours are 25% shorter
  • Cesarean rates are reduced by 50%¹
  • There is 40% less need for oxytocin to speed up labour¹
  • Need for forceps is reduced by 40%¹
  • Women request 30% less pain medication and 60% fewer epidurals¹
  • There are fewer complications
  • Lower risk of medical interventions
  • Greater success with breastfeeding
  • Lower risk of postpartum depression

1 Mothering the Mother, How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier and Healthier Birth, by Kennell, Klaus, and Kennell (1993)

What I offer as your Doula:

  • Two (1.5 – 2 hour) Prenatal Meetings:

    • First meeting – to discuss your hopes and dreams for your birth and plan how I can best support you on this path.

    • Second Meeting – to practice coping skills, decision making, different positioning options for coping in different situations and much more.

  • Being on-call for your labour, day or night, from the time of hire up until baby is born.

  • Support via phone, email or text from the time of hire until three weeks postpartum for pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum questions you may have.

  • Assistance with breastfeeding.

  • One (1.5 – 2 hour) Postpartum visit to provide you with any assistance you may need or to discuss your birth and postpartum experience.

  • Assess to my lending library of books and videos.

  • Recommendations to other professionals such as Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Lactation Consultants, Registered Massage Therapists, Craniosacral Therapists and many more birth specialists.

Vancouver Birth Doula

More about the support I offer:

Informational Support:

  • Understanding of hospital policies, procedures and your rights

  • Assistance communicating your wishes with staff

  • Explanations of interventions – any alternatives, risks and benefits

Emotional Support:

  • Empathic support, encouraging words and reassurance

  • Relaxation suggestions and techniques

  • Methods of coping

Physical Support:

  • Assistance with positioning to help labour progress and baby to descend

  • Massage, physical touch, Acupressure and counter pressure to relieve discomfort, keep you relaxed and help you stay focused

  • Preparing food, keeping you and partner hydrated, using hot or cold compresses when appropriate

Benefits for Partners:

  • Decreased anxiety, increased confidence, peace of mind and reassurance

  • Suggestions on how to support the labouring woman and help her cope

  • Ability to rest when needed, take breaks to eat or use the washroom without leaving mom alone


What It Costs:

Birth Doula services are $800
Add on Placenta Encapsulation with delivery for only $150 (Regular $250)
Add on a 40 day TENS rental for only $50 (Regular $90)

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